Product Features:


  • 30 times washable

  • Globally proven Nano fabric filter

  • Innovative comfortable Strap

  • Adjustable Ear Buckle

  • 4 layers of safety

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. Face mask shortages reign among healthcare workers and the general public alike. Brown Sales is not content to witness these problems sweeping across the globe without doing whatever we can do to assist during this time of crisis.

Accordingly, we have invested significant time and resources to design by Korea and launch a new product called the Korean premium NANO fashion mask”. 

Additional Product Information

We think the Korean premium NANO fashion mask” with NANO fabric  is a better cloth face mask than others available in the marketplace. Consider these additional product features:

  • Our face mask is reusable and 30 times washable. After use, simply wash this face mask in a washing with water on “gentle” cycle. Allow the item to air dry only.
  • A soft metal nose band is embedded in the top of our face mask to ensure a tight, conforming, comfortable fit.
  • Our face mask quickly and easily secures to the head and face. Top-side straps are secured and tightened by means of an easily adjustable ear buckle.
  • Our face mask features a pleated design so that it expands to comfortably fit adult and kid faces of all shapes and sizes.


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