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Maltose syrup is corn starch as raw materials, enzymatic saccharification and purification process of the obtained high maltose syrup. Appearance beneath pure water, clean and transparent, sweet mild, colorless or slightly yellow, viscous liquid. This product is in invert sugar syrup, the viscosity is higher than glucose, fructose, sucrose, grain, and other solution in many foods, is the use of its viscosity, improve product consistency, so creamy taste, Shu Yun pure, applied to canned fruit, fruit juice drinks , popsicles, ice cream, ice cream and so on.
This product is a good sweetener, usually sucrose food, also can be used maltose syrup, maltose syrup sweetness of about 30% -40% sucrose, low sweetness than sugar, can reduce foods sucrose sweetness. Comparing quantitative incorporation candy maltose syrup, due to lower sweetness with sucrose rinse effect, make candy sweetness moderate, in the mouth, does not affect their milk flavor, more Jiashu Run delicious.

This product is made of sugar enzyme, has a good fermentation, and its fermented with maltose and increased the degree of conversion, applicable to fermented food industry, such as: bread, cakes and beer. This product is good thermal stability, is the best sweeteners candy production. Boil sugar craft of color demanding, you must choose a good thermal stability, not caramelized sugar. Maltose syrup and good thermal stability. Maltose syrup boiling temperature is high, even when heated to the boiling temperature of 140 C or more, it does not produce Maillard reaction, is the best sweetener confectionery industry. Hard Candy incorporated quantitative high maltose syrup, not only to prevent anti-sand candy, and syrup candy dextrin toughness can not easily cracked

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