Seafood Anseongtangmyeon is a product that combines miso and various seafood flavors. Nongshim brought various seafood such as crab, mussels, pollock, shrimp, anchovies, and midduck into soup. In addition, the taste of seafood made with pollack roe was added to add chewing taste.

Nongshim selected seafood as an ingredient that can enhance the taste of raw materials while matching well with Anseong-tang noodle, which is based on miso. It is because it is known that miso and seafood emphasize each other’s strengths and enhance taste and aroma. An official from Nongshim explained, “If you have realized the taste of woojijang soup with miso, beef, and red pepper powder in Anseong Tang-myeon, seafood Anseong Tang-myeon is a product made by brewing seafood in miso.

The fact that various seafood ramen is steadily gaining popularity also added strength to the launch of seafood anseongtangmyeon. Nongshim paid attention to the fact that most seafood ramen is a product of spicy soup, and differentiated it with seafood anseongtangmyeon, which is a combination of miso and seafood.

An official from Nongshim said, “Haeseong Anseongtangmyeon is not spicy, so it can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages and ages.

On the other hand, Nonsung’s Anseongtangmyeon has been steadily loved by the nation since its launch in 1983. In particular, it is known as a ramen that has the best compatibility with eggs among consumers, and it is considered as a representative secret that it goes well with various ingredients such as green onions and garlic.

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