Shin Ramyun

Meal Noodle (NET WT 4.2 oz .120g)

The product that has come to define Korean ramyun is increasing in popularity in the US! After all, who wouldn’t love the satisfying spice of Shin Ramyun? If you can handle the spice, there’s nothing better than Shin Ramyun!

The secret of Shin Ramyun that you didn’t know.
The soft and chewy noodle combined with the spicy beef broth creates the perfect recipe that will please any palate. As soon as it was released on the market, Shin Ramyun became an instant hit among consumers who especially liked bold flavors. You might be surprised by the level of spiciness at first, but the delicious mélange of flavors will soon have you crave for more. The excellent spicy flavor, cooked with beef, mushrooms, and carrots, was inspired by the world’s finest peppers, and has become a typical flavor of Korea that soon became globally known.
Global food product

Nongshim products are among the top selling Ramyun products in the world. We hold the top spot for ramyun in numerous countries. The reasons for our success lie in the unique flavor and convenience of our products. It’s as simple as boiling water in a pot, adding the noodle and soup packages, and waiting for 4 to 5 minutes. Voilá! You have a delicious noodle soup ready for you to enjoy! Our Bag Noodle products create a delicious meal that can be shared with friends and family within minutes. You can also enhance the soup by adding ingredients you love. You can add more vegetables, meat, or an egg to produce an even bolder flavor!

Featured Shin Ramyun

How is Shin Ramyun a global food product? Since its creation in 1986, more than 22 billion bags have been sold. If every bag of Shin Ramyun ever sold is placed end to end, it would be more than 100 times the distance from Earth to the moon. Globally, Korea is among the largest consumers of Shin Ramyun, consuming about 80 ramyun bags per person annually. That is about one Shin Ramyun in every five days! Here in America, we are confident that you will be craving for more after having one taste of our scrumptious noodle.

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  1. Rianta

    Ordered 1 family pack and everyone in my family loved it including My parents. The soup was really delicious. Would recommend everyone to try it at least once.

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