Ottogi ketchup is a thick ketchup and is our proud representative of Korea. Sweet and sour Ottogi Ketchup is made using fresh red ripe tomatoes to add a deep and rich taste. Ottogi Tomato Ketchup’s red color is the lycopene component in tomatoes. It goes well with any food, such as salads, fried rice, fried eggs, and tempura.

Ottogi tomato ketchup using only red ripe tomatoes. With its sweet and sour taste, it goes well with any food, such as salads, fried rice, and tempura. Ottogi tomato ketchup is made from fresh tomatoes and boasts a deep and rich taste. Ketchup is a popular sauce that children and adults love, thanks to its sweet and sour taste. Ottogi ketchup can be assured using only USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture’s first-class tomatoes, and can be trusted and eaten using only natural ingredients without adding synthetic additives. Meet Ottogi Tomato Ketchup for a deep and rich flavor.

Tomato paste 43.8% [Foreign (USA, Chile, China, etc.)], purified water, starch syrup, sugar, fermented vinegar (drinking, fermented nutrients), refined salt (domestic), xanthan gum, kerosene spices [natural spices (nutmeg: from Indonesia) ), Onion powder (made in USA)] [Contains tomato] * The content of tomato paste is based on 25% of soluble solids.

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