Sweet and Sour Paldo Bibimmyeon

The reason why summer is waiting is the chewy and firm noodle and the sweet and sour spicy bibimbjang, which is a bibimbyeon that awakens the appetite. Even if you add pork belly, water sashimi, etc., depending on your taste, even if you eat the ice on top of it, it boasts a taste that cannot be replaced with anything else.

In the hot summer, the sour and sweet charm that make you forget the heat is also bibimmyeon. It boasts a taste that is irreplaceable because of the harmonious blend of bibimbjang and tangle-like texture of Paldo’s 35-year-old tradition. It contains apple concentrate juice, so it has a spicy taste and a sweet and sour flavor. You can enjoy it as it is, but you can enjoy it with various foods depending on your taste. Immerse yourself in the spicy and sour delicacy that attracts your appetite, and the charm that your arms can’t get out of.

How to cook
1. Put the noodle into the boiling water(550cc).
2. Leave it for 3~4 min.
3. Remove the noodle from boiling water.
4. Wash noodle in cold water 2~3 times.
5. Mix noodle with paste soup well and ready to serve.

Weight 133 g
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 11 cm


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